European Language Day Workshop at ZS Hutnicka School

In the week of the International European Language, Experience Slovakia had the chance to visit some schools in Spisska Nova Ves to talk about language and travelling. We visited ZS Hutnicka School where we met great students who clearly enjoy speaking in English.

Students of different classes and level of English attended 2 workshops on that day to learn about English, other languages and travelling. They had the chance to practise their English through playing games, communicative activities and a lot of fun!

Lilian and Jan who run the workshops both lived in England, Jan for over 13 years and Lilian for over 11 years. They are both passionate about languages, travelling and making new friends. They believe that knowing English well can broaden people’s horizon and give them more professional and personal opportunities in life.

Lilian is an experienced teacher with a CELTA Certificate which stands for Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (formerly Teaching English as a Foreign Language, TEFL), a Dip Tesol Certificate, and a PGCE in Education (postgraduate certificate in Education). She has taught at English Languages schools in England and other countries, and has also taught at Primary Schools in London. Jan has studied agriculture management and worked most of his life in business management. He lived in three different countries (Israel, The Netherlands and England) and travelled to more than 40 countries. He is passionate about travelling, nature and organising guided tours for our visitors.

If you are interested in our workshops, please contact us on

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