European Language Day Workshop at ZS Komenskeho

Today we had an amazing day at ZS Komenskeho school doing a workshop with 3 different classes. This week we are celebrating the International European Language Day around the world and here in Spisska Nova Ves, some of the primary schools organised special events for their students so they could celebrate the different languages around the world.

Experience Slovakia had the pleasure to visit ZS Komenskeho school and run a workshop on Languages and Travelling. Jan and I told students about our experience travelling abroad and how important is to learn English to be able to communicate with other people. During the workshop the students did different communicative activities to practise their English through speaking. They also studied about word stress and pronunciation of different countries and nationalities. They did really well and they tried their best throughout the whole workshop. I was impressed with the interest in learning and the level of English of the students.

The workshop was divided in three stages, first the introduction of the presenters through a guessing activity. Some photos of flags were put up on the board and the students had to guess which relation they had with the presenters. Students had a minute or 2 to discuss in English their thoughts and then shared with the classroom. In the second stage we talked about traveling and the activities we enjoy doing when we go travelling abroad. The students played a guessing game using mimics and explanations in English. The last stage was a communicative game where students had to say a sentence to each other in order to deliver an accurate message to the classroom. They had a lot of fun and also had the opportunity to practise their English on this special day!

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