Nature and Environment Workshop in English Language

On 27th September in Spisska Nova Ves, the Tourist Information Centre alongside with the City Council organised an amazing event to celebrate the Tourism International Day! There were various activities being offered around the city. Students from Hotel Akademia were offering and selling food and drink to practise their hospitality skills in the city centre. Tourists were invited to visit the Evangelical church and the Catholic church tower, for free, having  a special guided tour in each building. We visited both and were impressed with the professionalism of the people who guided us!

From 3pm to 5pm Experience Slovakia offered workshops for children and teenagers at Alchymka Cajovna in the city centre. The workshop was about Nature and English. Its aim was to talk about how to preserve the environment and nature while speaking in English. Participants had the chance to learn some vocabulary related to nature and recycling. They also used their creativity in a drawing game where they had to guess the pictures drawn. They used their English to explain words they learned in a communicative activity, had a discussion about what can be done to be a more ‘green’ person and what we can do to preserve the environment for future generations.

We had a great day sharing our thoughts and speaking English with the participants of our workshops. Thank you Spisska Nova Ves Tourism Information Centre for this opportunity.

If you want to know more about our workshops, contact us at



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