Summer Hikes in Slovak Paradise

DSC_9040defaultDSC_9033.JPGOne of the most beautiful places to hike in Slovakia with no doubt is Slovak Paradise. A day hiking here is a wonderful experience. There are so many beautiful trails to choose from. There are canyons, waterfalls, a unique fauna and flora, activities for those who want to adventure themselves or just relax in nature. Some of the trails to visit pass through Sokol, Suchá Belá, Piecky and Kyseľ.

Among the many things to see in Slovak Paradise are Dobinska Ice Cave, Sucha Bella (the most famous gorge in the park), Klastorisko (a special site where you can find the ruins of a 13th-century Cartesian monastery), Zavojovy waterfall (the highest one with 75 metres), Tomasovsky vyhlad (a rocky viewpoint where you can take one of the best photos in the park) , Prielom Hornádu (one of the most popular hikes in Slovak Paradise) and Vernar ski resort (an ideal ski resort for those who are beginning or prefer slopes that are not too steep, ideal for children).

If you are looking into enjoying virgin nature with all your senses and experience a little bit of adrenaline, the thing to do is Kysel Via Ferrata. A special set of equipment is required to do the trail. Adventure lovers cannot visit the place without experimenting this! This summer we had lovely groups with tourists from the US and Australia. They loved the green, the uniqueness of the place and really enjoyed the adventure!DSC_9030.JPG

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