Košice Peace Marathon

The month of October arrives and brings one of the most famous events in Košice to the attention of athletes and tourists – The Košice Peace Marathon.

The marathon is the oldest marathon in Europe and the second-oldest in the world. The marathon takes place each year on the first Sunday of October.

Last year we had the pleasure to follow one of our friends on his 7th marathon. We learned that the women’s record was set by Ashete Dido in 2013, and the man’s was set by Lawrence Kimaiyo in 2012.

The course is flat, completely asphalted and traffic free. It has two laps in the historic city center of Košice. It was really easy to move around the course and cheer for the athletes and our friend more than once, as you can walk from one part of the race to another in a short period of time. This made our experience really pleasant. We had been to other cities to watch a marathon but only in Košice we found it easy to follow the run.  A lot of events happen before and after the marathon. It is indeed a beautiful time to visit Košice.

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