Hi, I am Jan, I am from the Spis region in Slovakia and I am an accredited tour guide. I have always liked outdoor activities, sports and travelling. Actually, I love travelling. That is why eighteen years ago I left my country to look for new adventures. I have lived in 3 different countries, and visited more than 40 countries on 5 different continents. They were all amazing in their own way. However, no matter where I went, I always thought of my “little big country”, and how many beautiful sites, historical cities, and places of natural beauty there are in Slovakia, which are still largely unknown. I then felt a real desire to tell people about it, and show them that in the heart of Europe there is a place still to be discovered. If they have gone to other places for hiking, skiing, spas, why not experience Slovakia?

Travelling in Slovakia can be frustrating as few people speak English. This is one of the reasons why I decided to establish a travel agency with my wife, who has a degree in Tourism and loves travelling too. We both speak English, and I speak Slovakian. I know my country well, and I am very good at organising and managing things. This is proven by my experience working in customer service in London in different fields, and working in a social enterprise for longer than 10 years as a receptionist, operations officer, operations manager and business manager. I have also worked as a chef in the past, so I appreciate good food, and will make sure you eat and drink well during your trip!

In London, I had the opportunity to work within tourism and education at an international language school, taking students out for social activities, sightseeing, dinner events and helping them with travelling trips around England. This experience made me realise how much I enjoy working with tourism and people from all over the world.

I believe that travelling can be done in a respectful way, and that looking back into our history by visiting historical sites can be a way of finding out more about ourselves. I believe that hiking in nature or being in contact with it in different ways can open people’s eyes to the importance of looking after our world for future generations. That is why I invite you to come and join us on your next adventure in Slovakia with Experience Slovakia.


Hi, I am Lilian and I am from Brazil. I am also Italian because of my family roots. I speak Portuguese, English, Italian and Spanish. I graduated in Tourism and Hospitality in Brazil, where I worked for a few years in the industry, before moving to England. In England I worked within Tourism and Education, and later became an English language teacher, teaching international students for more than 10 years. I also worked organising social events for international students, trips and visits to museums, musicals and other attractions. More recently I have become a primary school teacher, specialising in early years.

I have always enjoyed travelling, teaching, and meeting new people. Moving from Brazil to England enabled me to enjoy all my passions. However, it was when I met my husband that I learned about a little yet big country called Slovakia. I fell in love with it instantly; well, with him too!

When I set foot in Slovakia, I realised that it was even bigger than I thought. I could not believe that so much could fit there; mountains, hot springs, wineries, castles, history, spas, lakes, green green, green and more green (well, actually, sometimes white, and golden orange). Because I studied Tourism and love travelling, I felt that I wanted to show people the richness and beauty of this country. I also felt that so many people could benefit from meditating and recharging their energy amongst nature, in the mountains, breathing fresh air, eating healthy and fresh food, while enjoying its beautiful views. That is why my husband and I decided to establish Experience Slovakia, to give people the opportunity to travel with peace of mind, with locals who know the place like the back of their hands, as well as having someone to look after them, to organise everything, from flights to accommodation, from yoga lessons to hiking tours.

We want people to experience Slovakia in its fullest, with comfort, practicality and enjoyment!