DSC_7532You will definitely have to spend more than one holiday in Brazil to be able to appreciate all the country has to offer. The list is long and as famous world-travel destination tourists will find an incredible diversity of landscapes and unmatched festivities.

Starting from Rio, in the Southeast of Brazil, an extraordinary place to get the feeling of the country, tourists will love the beaches, the city centre and the national parks surrounding the city. Rio is a mixture of urban and nature and represents perfectly the Cariocas (people born in Rio) and their joy.

If one thinks of nature Brazil is the place to visit. Pantanal, Bonito, Amazonia, Foz do Iguassu and many other places will take people’s breath away.

In the North of Brazil, tourists that enjoy wild nature can visit the Amazon rainforest. The forest offers a dense vegetation, giant and diverse fauna, extensive rivers, which attract people from all over the world in search of adventure, fun, and contact with nature. For those who also like a bit of history, sights and local culture, a visit to Manaus is a must.  Manaus is the gateway city to the Amazon and the capital of that state.

The northeast of Brazil it is where tourists can enjoy the tropical side of the country. Lençóis Maranhenses has the most beautiful fine white sand dunes of Brazil. A true desert that, between June and September, becomes filled with ponds of crystal-clear waters, with colors varying between blue and emerald green.

Pantanal is the largest wetlands on the planet. It is located in the Centre West of the country.  Its area is about 250 thousand km², extending to Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay. In this wild heaven, thousands of species of animals and plants were cataloged, some of them found only in this biome. The best time to visit Pantanal is during the dry season between May and September when you can better observe its flora and fauna. During these months, it is possible to travel through areas that are totally flooded when the rain arrives.

In the Southeast of Brazil, a peculiar state needs special attention – Minas Gerais. One of the striking features of tourism here is the expressive culture, artistic and architectural heritage of its Baroque cities, the diversity of crafts, religiosity and rich gastronomy. A famous Colonial sculptor – Aleijadinho – was born in Ouro Preto, one of the most beautiful colonial cities of Minas Gerais, which name means ‘black gold’ due to the type of gold that is found in the region.

Foz do Iguassu is an amazing destination in the South of Brazil. Its waterfalls are one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature. It has the largest hydroelectric power plant in the world in power generation. There tourists can go to the Bird Park, a place where they can observe more than 150 different species of birds. The attraction borders with three countries – Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay.