Bardejov is a Slovak town and it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Merchants used to come here to trade their goods which made the town quite important during the period of the Hungarian Kingdom. Bardejov is famous for being the most Gothic town in Slovakia. In the main square, tourists can visit the Roman-Catholic Basilica of St. Egidius, and the former Town Hall building along with other museums. Surrounding the city centre are the old town walls which are considered to be the best preserved medieval fortification system in Slovakia and visitors can enjoy a walk along them.

As well as being a historical medieval town, Bardejov also offers a spa by the mountain of Busov, known as the spa of Bardejov. Some important historical figures that spent time at the spa were; Napoleon I’s wife – Marie Louise, Russian Tzar Alexander I, and Empress Elisabeth from Austria (also known as Sissi).