High Tatras


High Tatras is a breath-taking national park located in the north of Slovakia. It has been part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve since 1993. Some of the highest peaks, which are part of the range that lie in the park, are Gerlachovský štít (2,655 m), and Kriváň (2,495 m). Kriváň is considered to be the symbol of the country.

Amongst the beautiful flora and fauna found here, tourists can also explore 100 alpine lakes and many waterfalls. Pleso is the name given to the alpine glacier lakes situated in this region. The most visited lakes are the Štrbské pleso and Popradské pleso.

There are many caves that can be visited in Slovakia, but in High Tatras, only one is open to the public. It is called the Belianska jaskyňa or Belianska cave.

If you are not a big fan of caves, there are also a great range of hiking paths in High Tatras. They are different levels of difficulty, and people of all ages can choose exclusive paths according to their preference, fitness, distance and duration.

High Tatras is definitely a magical place. You may feel that you are in a fairy tale at times!