Kežmarok is a medieval town situated in the Spis region, and it is one of the gates to High Tatras. One of the most visited attractions is the castle Kezmarsky hrad, located not far from the main historical square, Hlavné námestie.

A typical medieval town, Kežmarok Castle attracts many visitors during the year. It was built in 1463. The castle became a starting point for tourism in High Tatras after Princess Beata Laska of Kežmarok Castle set off on a 3 day trip to the mountains. When she returned, her husband locked her in the tower where she lived for 6 years.

Religion has always played an important part in the Slovakian culture. That can be seen in Kezmarok when visiting its impressive churches, such as The Basilica of the Holy Cross, the Evangelical Church of the Holy Trinity, along with seven wooden churches in the Carpathian mountain area. The Holy Trinity wooden church was made without using a single metal component, and it has a wooden Baroque interior. It is included on the UNESCO Word Heritage List.