Kosice is the second biggest town in Slovakia. It has been an important centre of culture, education and trade for many years. Nowadays, important factories are situated in Kosice, one of them is the Východoslovenské železiarne, or U.S. Steel, which is also the biggest company in the country. The company makes the city an important economic and industrial centre of Eastern Slovakia. As well as factories, there are a lot of IT companies based here, attracting many students and professionals who want to work within this field.

The historical centre of Kosice is full of life and entertainment. The Hlavné námestie is one of the most beautiful squares in the country. It is located in an area that has been made for pedestrians only, which makes it the perfect place for a stroll or for relaxing in a cafe. The most important monument located in the city centre is the Gothic Cathedral of St. Elisabeth. It is located next to the square, and is the largest church in Slovakia. The cathedral, the northern and southern tower and the chapel of St. Michael, make this site a completely unique set of Gothic monuments.

There is also a theatre at the opposite side of the cathedral. In front of the theatre, tourists can enjoy a musical water fountain that entertains them during the warm months of the year.

Another symbol of Košice is the statue of The Marathon Runner. Kosice has one of the oldest marathons in the world. Since 1924 the International Peace Marathon is organised in Košice annually. The statue celebrates the marathon. There are also various museums to visit; Východoslovenské múzeum being one of the most visited.

If you prefer a more modern programme, you can head to the Kulturpark, where you can find arts museums, cafes, parks, and beautiful residential buildings.