Lubovna Castle

Stara Lubovna Castle is a castle full of interesting stories. It is located on a limestone cliff just by the city Stará Ľubovňa. In the past, it was used to protect the Polish-Hungarian border. The castle was occupied by various rulers. The King of Madagascar, Móric Beňovský was imprisoned here, and the Polish coronation jewels were hidden here.

The castle is well preserved. It was reformed to offer the best experience to tourists, who can visit its interior and discover refined objects and glamour inside. There is an open air museum by the castle cliff, which shows how peasants used to live in the past. Tourists can enter the charming little houses, and also visit a wooden church.

Visiting the castle and the open air museum is an amazing experience, as visitors can have a real taste of what a castle and its village would have looked like in the past.