The National Park of Pieniny is the second oldest park in Slovakia. It is situated on the border with Poland. The river Dunajec, which runs through the park, plays an important part here. Tourists can hire a raft boat or take a trip on an old style boat and appreciate the views of the Pieniny mountains Tri koruny located on the Polish side of the Park.

The Park has rare species of plants, a variety of flora and fauna, molluscs, butterflies, and even lynx live there. The forests occupy most of the area of the park, and a small area is dedicated to an agricultural landscape. The village of Červený Kláštor is the administrative centre of the park. In the village is the beautiful museum of Červený Kláštor, which was once a monastery, and nowadays offers different shows to tourists such as birds of prey show in the summer. It also has a permanent exhibition of clothes, objects, and furniture from the old monastery.