Summer Camp

We offer Summer Camps for children (from eight years old), teenagers, and adults. Our summer camps are designed to offer three hours of English lessons plus three hours of activities on a daily basis for a minimum of one week.  The activities would involve visits to the zoo, castles, medieval towns, and local attractions, as well as hikes on the mountains and national parks. During the activities, students practise vocabulary related to the place they would visit. For example, if they are hiking in the mountains, the focus would be nature and physical exercise so they would have already studied some names of plants, animals, and some action verbs in the lessons in preparation for that activity.
The activities can also be adapted according to our customers’ requests, for instance, if it is summer, they might want to go to a water park. For adults, we can combine the English Courses also with spas. 
There is also a possibility of running Winter Camps with ice skating, skiing and hiking being the main activities.